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Achieving culture change

Changing culture takes time.


To accelerate a shift in the way in which supervision practice is conducted, managed, supported, rewarded and recognised requires bringing people together who share this commitment to change. As a consortium we don’t have all the answers, but working collectively we think we can make a positive difference. 

Our ambitions for long term impact

More confident supervisors who are better able to support a greater diversity of doctoral candidates and programmes.

Consistency in supervision which is demonstrated through recognition of individuals and programmes.

More effective team supervision - with greater capacity for interdisciplinary and industry-based collaboration.

A world-leading suite of professional development resources which will continue to enhance UK research supervision.

Onboarding and embedding Continuing Professional Development (CPD) into institutional practice.


Develop and influence policy relating to doctoral education and supervision. For example the New Deal for PG Research and the UKRI revised Statement of Expectations for Doctoral Training, January 2024

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