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What does RSVP offer?

By partnering with RSVP, research organisations can become key contributors in developing and trialling new methods for research supervision.

Working with Practitioner Partners and research organisations, we will develop, co-create, pilot and evaluate a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for research supervisors.

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Our programme

  • Onboarding: We will provide a framework for structured onboarding processes for those new to supervision. 

  • Tailored workshops: We will provide workshop materials and ‘train the trainer’ support for institutions to enhance the skills of both new and experienced supervisors in a sustainable way. 

  • Mentoring schemes: RSVP embraces mentoring in its many forms (experienced to less experienced, reverse etc) to encourage sharing of experiences, strategies, and insights among supervisors from various disciplines.

  • Peer observation of supervision: We will provide a framework to support supervision observation (like teaching observations but for supervision practice), during which supervisors can receive constructive expert feedback on their supervision style and techniques.

  • Engagement in communities of practice: Supervisors and researcher developers will have the opportunity to engage in dynamic communities of practice discussions.

  • Recognition of supervision practice: Support for individuals and organisations looking for ways in which to support recognition and reward for supervision practice.

  • Involvement in the UK Research Supervision Survey: Scheduled for Summer 2024, this survey will gather comprehensive data on supervision practices across the UK. Institutions who wish to develop their supervision support will have an opportunity to gain insight into how to use the data to support change. 


As we develop enriched supervisor CPD, we will support partners to deliver these interventions. Available support includes crafting and situating interventions to your local context, ‘train the trainer’ sessions with pilot practitioner groups and support materials to accompany each intervention.

Achieving culture change

Changing culture takes time and a collaborative approach. Explore our long term ambitions and what we hope to achieve by the end of this project.

Current partners of RSVP

Following a recent call for expressions of interest, we are now working with over 50 research organisations across the UK and globally.

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