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Our team

RSVP is directed by Dr Karen Clegg (University of York) and Professor Doug Cleaver (Sheffield Hallam University). The project consortium also includes the University of NottinghamKing's College LondonCoventry University and the UK Council for Graduate Education.

RSVP Design and Academic/Professional Practice lead, and Co-Principal Investigator

Dr Karen Clegg

Karen is the driving force behind RSVP and was previously Head of Researcher Development at the University of York. She is an elected member and trustee of the UK Council for Graduate Education and the BBSRC People and Talent Strategy Advisory Panel.

RSVP Governance and Accountability lead, and Co-Principal Investigator

Professor Doug Cleaver

Doug is based in the Materials and Engineering Research Institute, Sheffield Hallam University, where he is also Director of the Doctoral School. He is also Chair of the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE).

RSVP Sector Engagement and Sustainability lead

Dr Owen Gower

Owen is the Director of the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE), where he leads the Council’s advocacy on a range of issues in postgraduate affairs.

RSVP Researcher Development Lead

Dr Heather Sears

Heather is based at Coventry University as Head of Researcher Capability and Development.

Our consortium

RSVP York team

  • Dr Karen Clegg - Co-Principal Investigator

  • Dr Tom Jackson - Project Manager

  • Liz Quinlan - Research Associate

  • Dr Roisin Astell - Digital Resource and Researcher Developer

  • Dr Julia Rayner - Mentoring Coordinator

  • Reena Morar - Administration and Communications Manager

Evaluation team (based at Sheffield Hallam University)

Expert design team


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